Sometimes a true story can come from coincidence…

As does the story of our Clifden Collection, a part of the Butcher of Blue Essentials.

Exactly 200 years after John D’Arcy founded the city of Clifden in Ireland, we placed our finger on the world map when we needed a new name for our warm, woolly, and smart looking jumper.

And as if he magically controlled our finger - John D’Arcy, (a young, ambitious and smart looking dude in his time) pointed us straight to a little dot, somewhere on the West Coast of Ireland.

We looked at each other. It sounded ok. The Clifden was born!

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Over the years The Clifden became a success story while we kept re-designing it to perfection. Almost in the same way Clifden town rapidly developed under John’s stewardship - It came with passion, craft and determination.

Our Clifden jumpers come in a variety of shades that reflect the colours of the West Coast of Ireland.

As a tribute to Clifden, its inhabitants (and the legacy of John D’Arcy who lead us to his old village), we travelled last month to Ireland with a suitcase full of new Clifden jumpers to photograph the new collection - with the lovely people of the town, with its 1567 inhabitants 18 pubs, and two churches.

We met the red-bearded Domhnall, surfer Noel with his Dutch ancestors, the boys from the local Butcher shop, pub owner John, the banjo players, the whiskey connaisseurs and Guinness drinkers - and dressed them in our new Clifden collection.

We are proud and happy to share this Clifden story with you.

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