Featured #02 - Growing a better future

GROWx is on a mission to accelerate the development of sustainable urban agriculture. How? Well, they’ve started by creating the first vertical farm to be powered by green electricity - which doesn’t only look futuristic, but helps to future proof the way we supply cities with food.

Their unique growing style brings fresh, flawless produce straight to the heart of Amsterdam, bridging the unnecessary gap between supply and demand. But, they won’t stop there. They’re also using their green fingers, and even greener expertise, to provide other cities with GROWx farms and technology.

Pépé Topper is showing us around in their vertical farm in Amsterdam. He is one of the youngest chefs the cuisine in The Netherlands. On his resume you can find many impressive restaurants where he learned his trade, including the Librije in Zwolle, Pure C in Cadzand, Restaurant 108 in Copenhagen, Maris Piper, RAUW and Restaurant BREDA. Next to being a chef he is a passionate representative of GrowX.


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Our delicious greens are disrupting the supply chain by bringing people closer to a fresh and sustainable food source. Our selection of microgreens, herbs, and salads have already caught the eyes (and taste buds!) of some of Amsterdam’s top chefs.

Pépé Topper

The need for green

Urbanization, it’s the trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Just look at the Netherlands, which currently requires an area three times bigger than its land mass just to meet the food demands of its citizens.

While traditional farming can sustain rural communities, city-dwellers of the future need a fresh food infrastructure they can rely on - without exceeding their urban footprint. And that’s precisely the kind of green revolution they’re starting with GROWx.


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Technology for circular cities

Not only is GROWx the first vertical farm in the world to run off renewable energy, they actually keep things clean from seed to chef. Combined with circular packaging, growing and selling locally minimizes their waste and emissions. Plus, it reduces the city’s dependence on expensive imports with large carbon footprints.

The farm’s smart LED light system ensures every day is a Summer’s day without a cloud in the sky. Working with expert chefs to perfect their climates, they can guarantee rapid growing and predictable nutrient content - meaning the same high quality every single time.