Featured #03 - Tomasu Soy Sauce

Our love for food and drinks takes us to peculiar places. Our friend Bert called and told me they were working on a special project, something with saltwater and soybeans and that he had just sent me a sample. After tasting this black gold, we could never go back to regular supermarket Soy sauce ever again.

After visiting them in their brewery we found that even though we make products that couldn’t be further apart our values and visions are stunningly matching. Taste, quality and time combined into a quest to make the perfect product.


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We create taste with time

Thomas Uljee


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The art of soy sauce

Tomasu Soy Sauce is the only micro brewed soy sauce in Europe and finds its origin in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Its founder, Thomas Uljee, born and raised in Rotterdam, taught himself the art of soy sauce brewing by travelling the world, researching online and spending 3 years of trial and error by working closely together with his brewing-partner-in-crime Piet van Westen.


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Old whisky barrels

Respecting centuries-old Japanese and Dutch traditions, the soy sauce is fermented and aged, for a minimum of 24 months, in 25- to 50-year-old whisky barrels specially sourced from Scotland’s finest distilleries. Using these barrels as an aging vessel the taste is rather rich and one-of-a-kind.

Inspired by the world’s top wineries and driven by the belief that genuine quality only can be pursued by having full autonomy in each and every step in the process, Thomas partnered up with local farmer, Jeroen Klompe, in 2014. Ever since the day they’ve met the mutual focus is on striving for the healthiest and nutritious soil in order to grow the most tasteful ingredients for the soy sauce.

Localy grown and handpicked

Resulting in locally grown and carefully handpicked soybeans and wheat. These two ingredients are combined with spring water and natural coarse grey sea salt, harvested in Bretagne, France.

The fermentation is started by the addition of their own fungus, Aspergillus Oryzae Tomasu. The only ingredient that is added afterwards is time. Time takes over for a minimum of 24 months and guarantees that fine, deep and subtle taste.

Once pressed, the raw soy sauce is allowed an additional 12 months to settle down and further develop its unique flavors. After which it is bottled, labeled and hand-numbered in order to individually check each and every bottle before giving it her stamp of approval. Making each bottle of Tomasu Soy Sauce the result of a single barrel journey of at least 3 years.