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Together with Weltevree, we created a special edition of the Poplars, a modern reinterpretation of the classic clog. This Dutch Design Awards Nominee 2019 gets the typical Butcher or Blue style in this special edition.

How did this collaboration between both brands come about? We both design and conceive our products based on a shared vision: we stand for stylish quality products made from honest materials that last a lifetime and enable an active and conscious life. This unique "Hook Up" between us is therefore only logical!

After all these years, it’s still a convenient and natural shoe for gardening.

– Lex Pott –

The Poplars are a design by Lex Pott. These shoes are unmistakably inspired by the cultural legacy of the designer: the Dutch wooden shoe. Lex decided to redefine this iconic footwear after he visited an exhibition about wood and resin. Lex Pott: “The wooden shoe is an iconic wooden product, but its design has been untouched for years. A good reason to redefine this icon.”. Lex used the material – poplar wood - as a starting point, but the history was central to the redesign as well: “After all these years, it’s still a convenient and natural shoe for gardening. By giving it a new silhouette and a more refined look, I wanted to gear up the wooden shoe for the future. Redefining such an icon for modern life is a dream come true.”

Manufacturing wooden shoes by hand is a true craft and is acknowledged as Dutch intangible cultural heritage. The first guild of clog makers dates back to around 1570 in Holland. Unfortunately, manufacturing wooden shoes by hand is a fleeting profession. Only a few craftsmen still practice it. The Weltevree Poplars are manufactured in one of the few authentic wooden shoe factories left in the Netherlands.



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What kind of wood is used for wooden shoes?

According to the tradition, poplar wood or willow is considered the best wood for wooden shoes. Following this tradition, the Weltevree Poplars are made of untreated Dutch poplar wood, hence the name. This wood is relatively hard and lightweight.

Size and fit: making wooden shoes comfortable

A true wooden shoe manufacturer knows a lot about the anatomy of the human foot. Even though the shoes are made of wood, they still have to be comfortable. The Poplars are designed with a comfortable fit. The sole is arched towards the toe and supports the natural motion of the step. Nonetheless, they are wooden shoes and it will take some time getting used to. That’s why we recommend wearing thick socks for the first couple of weeks to get used to walking on wooden shoes.

The finishing touch

The elegant silhouette with sleek lines is unique to the Poplars. This design by Lex Pott originates from his wish to redesign the iconic wooden shoes and to make them fit for modern life. To accomplish this look, the shoes are finished by hand. So after the wooden shoes are processed with the hand-operated machines, they are sanded and finished manually. Once they are finished, the shoes are left to air-dry for a few weeks and will harden throughout this drying process. This special edition is finished in the recognizable dark green Butcher or Blue color and has a stylish pin.


The poplars are made out of poplar wood. It’s best to clean the poplars with water and a soft soap. The natural version of the poplars can be treated with a wood oil to protect them better against stains.

From tree trunk to wooden shoe

Every Poplar once was a log. Large tree trunks are cut into logs which are then split into smaller pieces. Each piece of wood is processed in hand-operated machines with a gouge. At first the outer shape of the shoe is created, then it is gouged to create space for the foot.


The Poplars are comfortable all year round. They are warm during winter and cool during summer.


The Butcher of Blue x Weltevree Poplar is exclusively available, here at Butcher of Blue. Get yours now!

– The Butcher –