""We ain't no fashion brand.""

Clothing; it’s not the most important thing in the world. But hey, while you’re at it, Doesn’t it feel good to look great? So, we’ll do what we’re good at Take care of your wardrobe. Make you look your best, So you feel bolder than the rest, Soak up all those compliments. We’ve got you covered. That’s how we roll.

We’re not willing to settle with mundane We fight against boring for all. Listening to gut feeling, learning to say no. But honestly, that took some time. We took the road less travelled. It was probably easier to follow the rules The limitations. The jargon. But how rock ’n roll is that? Salute your creativity. Unleash your inner Butcher.We create & craft modern icons with quality and style. Tradition is at the heart of our brand. Because designing garments. That goes way back. And we love the past. The stitches, those fabrics, the way they put things together. We look at them, admire them, read the details. And then we tear them apart Start building them up from scratch. It’s our way, our vision, our style. We’ve mastered the past and we cut for the future.
That’s our talent.There’s a lot of special talent amongst our Butcher friends. They do something so good it makes us tick. That’s why we love to collaborate with these artists, designers & product makers. We respect their trade and they respect ours. We share the same values; quality, style & friendship. Collaborating’s a fun ride, it’s how we learn, how we sharpen our vision. This is what makes us unique.The Butcher’s hook is our logo. It’s our seal of approval, so to speak. It’s sharp, powerful, and speaks volumes about our craft. We take everything we design serious, right down to the very last stitch. We turn it around, upside down and inside out. Until it looks and feels so good, We can hang it on our hook with pride. Like every good Butcher we always have a few essentials in our shop window. A pair of jeans, that army Tee, that one and only sweater, We constantly push pieces to perfection Modern icons that deserve best fit, best fabrics, best stitches, best whatever we think is necessary. Once they’re in your wardrobe, you can shine, combine, add and cook that perfect look together. Mix things up with rest of our collection. It’s a no-brainer. But we’ll say it anyway. When we say ‘we’ve got you covered’, we mean it. And when it comes to the environment: everything we do, make, produce, we make with respect. For you as the customer, client, producer, employee, friend. But most of all, for this beautiful place we all live on together on Planet Earth; This ain’t no green-washing story. This is respect for our world, love for one another, And putting you a cut above the rest.