Featured - De Oesterij & De Oestervisser

The journey continues. This time to Yerseke, The Netherlands. We joined a work session of De Oestervisser on their oysters beds in the Oosterschelde.

Friend of the brand Peter Hamelinck brought his camera to capture this special moment. These beautiful oyster beds in the Oosterschelde haven’t been there for a long time. De Oestervisser pioneered with these oyster beds as one of the first in the Oosterschelde. Laying down over 2 million baby oysters that grew into delicious oyster available at De Oesterij in Yerseke.

It takes around two years for an oyster to grow the right size for consumption. Within those years De Oestervisser takes good care of it.

Starting with thousands of brothers and sisters in an oyster net, ending up with just a few. De Oestervisser turns and repacks the oysters intensively to preserve the tast and shape.

Wearing Butcher’s Army tee and crew.

De Oestervisser is hooked up with Butchers’s Army tee and crew sweater. Super soft and very comfortable to wear and work in.